Weekend Preview: Sunday Night Claimed By ‘The Walking Dead’

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03.28.14 40 Comments

Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday 9 p.m.) — Who will claim Beth first? Daryl, Carl, or death? Here’s some questions we wanted answered out of the finale, and here’s who the Internet thinks will die. And remember, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple will be on The Talking Dead afterwards, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday 11:30 p.m.) — If Kate McKinnon doesn’t lick host Louis CK’s face again, I will consider the entire show a failure. Meanwhile, we also finally learn who the hell musical guest Sam Smith is.

The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday 9 p.m.) — I love that people finally care about this show besides Danger and I. This week’s episode will be the grieving episode. Please bring tissue. No, not for that, roommate from Broad City. FOR CRYING.

Enlisted (Fox, Friday 9 p.m.) — It’s going to be the last episode for a while, and maybe forever. Fox bumped it from the schedule to make room for Kitchen Nightmares because Fox hates America.

Hannibal (NBC, Friday 10 p.m.) — Please watch, lest Hannibal meet the same fate as Enlisted.

Shameless (Showtimes, Sunday 9 p.m.) — Ugh, I did not like the way last week’s episode ended.

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