Weekend Preview: The Christmas Season Officially Begins

12.02.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

It’s A Wonderful Life (NBC, Saturday) – The annual airing of the Jimmy Stewart classic always marks the start of the holiday season for me. BONUS CHRISTMAS NOTE: As I noted on Tumblr today, in the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” it kinda sounds like she’s saying “Later we’ll have some f-ckin’ pie” instead of “Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie.” You’ll never be able to hear it the other way now. Happy holidays!

Game of Your Life (NBC, Friday) – Some TV movie about a kid who plays video games. I got seven words for you, NBC: The Wizard starring Fred Savage or GTFO.

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) – Steve Buscemi is the host, with awesome musical guest The Black Keys. Sometimes Steve Buscemi looks like a guy wearing an ill-fitting Steve Buscemi mask.

Pan Am (ABC, Sunday) – Ashley Greene guests. I have literally never seen Ashley Greene act. I just know she is very pretty and often walks around Hollywood in yoga pants. In 10 years, that will be its own career. I support this form of outside the box job creation wholeheartedly.

Hell on Wheels (AMC, Sunday) – This week’s episode of the railroad drama is titled “Bread and Circuses,” which would be a great name for an album. Perhaps even by a band named Railroad Drama. There you go, crappy musicians. That’s a freebie.

Neverland (Syfy, Sunday) – Part one of Syfy’s two-part Peter Pan prequel. I had no idea there were MegaSharktopusoraptors in Pan lore.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday) – If you watch this show, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you follow @PazDeLaH on Twitter. It’s a terribly profane parody account that mishmashes Paz de la Huerta with her character on the show, misspelling everything and graphically discussing sex and drunken shenanigans. It is a treat.

Virgin Diaries (TLC, Sunday) – Listed only to link to this post again, featuring the greatest and most romantic kiss in the history of lips and desire.

After the jump, the video for “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears, because today is her 30th birthday and I love her and I have editorial authority now so I can post what I damn well please.

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