Weekend Preview: The Super Bowl, Y’all

02.03.12 6 years ago 38 Comments

The Super Bowl (NBC, Sunday) – I’m really hoping it’s a good game, seeing as I’ve already seen all the commercials and I don’t care at all about Madonna’s halftime performance. I make this plea every year, but PLEASE let Wu-Tang do the halftime show next year. No frills, either. Just the house lights and 30 dudes on stage, all of them with live microphones. That would be the best.

Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet, Sunday) – I’ve spoken my piece about this already. You are free to watch if you want. (Full lineup here.)

Luck (HBO, Sunday) – This show looks really promising. I kind of hope War Horse shows up at some point. I love that guy.

Fringe (FOX, Friday) – From TV Guide: “Peter and Olivia are on the trail of a killer equipped with a toxic weapon that defies chronological description.” I have no idea what the end of that sentence means, so I’ll just assume they mean nunchucks and move right along.

Spartacus: Vengeance (Starz, Friday) – Why did we ever stop wearing togas? They’re super comfortable, look cool, and are easy to slip on and off — like some sort of masculine sundress. I would happily wear a toga to formal functions instead of a suit. I’d feel so free and relaxed.

Downton Abbey (PBS, Sunday) – Say what you will about PBS in general, but if nothing else, I admire them for the ballsiness of running a new episode on Sunday night. “Super Bowl Schmuper Bowl. We’re airing British people! FROM THE EARLY 1900s! Like it or love it, world.”

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) – C-Tates preview of this episode, from Burnsy: “Yo girl, u like jokes n sh*t? Check dis, boo – Haha, yo I be C-Tates n sh*t n I’m in dat new movie Da Vow wit Rachel MC Adams, right? But maybe u know me from dat other sh*t like GI Joe n Step Up. But yo girl, I ain’t here 2 save no rec center. Naw, son, I’mma save da 30 Rock center. LIVE FROM ZOO YORK, IT B SATURDAY NIGHT!”

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