Weekend Preview: Will Our Olympic Fever Be Drenched by the London Rain?

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07.27.12 17 Comments

Breaking Bad (AMC, Sunday) — Next week, I hope to compile a crackpot conspiracy list of clues foreshadowing the death of Holly, but if it happens this week, I just want to be on record as saying, “I TOLD YOU.”

Newsroom (HBO, Sunday) — I’ve loved the series since the opening episode, but I’ll say this: Sorkin is finding his rhythm and ironing out a lot the problems the critical community has had with the show. In fact, I saw one critic say of the last episode that it didn’t suck as much as the others! Sorkin is really starting to turn a corner.

Weeds (Showtime, Sunday) — (SPOILERS IF YOU’RE BEHIND) It looks like they’re working up to a series finale that sees the death of Nancy Botwin. I hope that, instead of attempting to extract tears from her death, they manage to find some dark humor in it.

Political Animals (USA, Sunday) — The second episode was better than the first, which is kind of like saying it’s better to be punched in the junk than kicked.

The Olympics (NBC, All Weekend) — The Opening Ceremonies, directed by Danny Boyle, air tonight. Hopefully, Boyle does not bring the same qualities to the Olympics that he brought to Trainspotting and 28 Days Later otherwise NBC is really going to regret ponying up all that money for the rights. Tomorrow’s events include, er, Judo and Archery. You have to wait until the middle of next week for the trampoline competition.

Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC, Friday) — The hottest woman that no one ever talks about, Elizabeth Banks, is on tonight’s episode.

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