Weekend Update Compares Donald Trump To The Hamburglar In A Strangely-Accurate Analogy

The twisting and turning tale of possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump seems to gain a new wrinkle every day. Multiple sources are saying Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June, but was only stopped when the White House counsel threatened to quit if he were to follow through with the axing. It’s led to more drama on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Of course, this report has been met with calls of “fake news” by Trump, because that’s what’s expected. But, Michael Che is a little torn on Weekend Update. Could these accusations really stem from a “secret society” within the FBI to take down Trump? As Che says every time he’s just completely done with Trump, he hears something that makes sense. Like, if Trump came out and said the FBI killed Tupac. Yeah, that makes sense. They did, didn’t they?

Colin Jost possibly makes the most appropriate analogy. Trump is just like the Hamburglar. At this point, he’s broken so many rules he’s not even accountable anymore. Does anyone ever try to catch the Hamburglar for burgling hamburgers anymore? Dude just keeps stealing hamburgers and people keep letting him do it because it’s the new normal. Even if he’s still wearing his prison uniform.