‘Weekend Update’ Ignores The Censors To Mock Trump Over His ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks

Entertainment Editor
01.14.18 2 Comments

Michael Che and Colin Jost have spent their time as the new co-head writers of Saturday Night Live with an almost non-stop flow of news bits to comment on. But the last few weeks SNL has had off have been busy. Wildly busy. Now they’re dealing with the last few days of the news cycle focused on Donald Trump’s actions in the Fire and Fury tell-all, the news Trump allegedly had sex with a porn star and gave her hush money, and the ousting of Steve Bannon at Breitbart.

On top of it all was Trump questioning why America was allowing immigrants from “shithole countries.”

Jost explained to viewers that NBC asked them to call what Trump said: “ess holes” but they went right ahead and accurately said “shitholes” considering the President said it, so why can’t they? (This was bleeped out on the west coast feed because it was on before 9pm.)

Che had a slightly more measured response, saying he’s called countries “shitholes” for not having a CVS, and Trump saying something racist wasn’t really news anymore. Furthermore, Che explains that after centuries of countries like Africa and Haiti being pillaged by Western powers, calling Africa a “shithole” is like “you telling a kid you molested: ‘boy you turned out to be weird.'”

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