Pete Davidson Shares A Tale Of Pants Removal And Incredibly Bad Timing On ‘Weekend Update’

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Pete Davidson made a welcome return to the Weekend Update desk last night. He came bearing a story of affordable slacks and incredible shame.

Chatting with Update co-host Colin Jost, Davidson shared his real-life experience as a Dockers pitchman and their ad campaign built around asking strangers to take off their pants in exchange for Dockers. As Davidson noted, it became clear that sort of gimmick is really uncomfortable in light of the national conversation about sexual harassment and consent.

“What was crazy was we shot the campaign like a month before the Weinstein and Spacey sexual harassment stuff happened, so every week more and more articles are coming out about those monsters. And in-between those articles are ads of me out on the street like ‘LADY! YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF? I’M PETE DAVIDSON!”

As uncomfortable as the premise was, things took an even darker turn with one person he was able to wrangle for an interview. Pete can explain it himself, but you can practically feel how uncomfortable the audience is as he lays out what happened. SNL audiences have been awfully prickly this season when things go outside their comfort zone, so don’t let that deter you from embracing the segment’s cringe-y charms. Plus, Pete talks about jerking off at the end and that’s always popular.

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