Well, ‘Girls’ Has Locked Up 2013’s ‘Most Uncomfortable TV Sex Scene’ Award

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03.11.13 35 Comments

At roughly the same time as two Walking Dead characters got physically reacquainted with each other last night, Adam from Girls was demanding Shiri Appleby crawl on all fours to his bedroom, where he did something(s) naughty to her before, ahem, “finishing” on the Roswell‘s star chest. It started out playful(ish) before morphing into the most uncomfortable scene in an episode that also involved a doctor pulling a bloody Q-Tip out of Lena Dunham’s ear.

In short, it was 2013’s most awkward TV sex scene (it should have been soundtracked by a menacing Nine Inch Nails song, through the silence made it that much more cringeworthy), and I say that knowing it’s only March. Here’s the full thing (begins at 24:00), though be warned, it’s very NSFW. Even Littlefinger would feel weird.

Naturally, Bret Easton Ellis thought it was basically the best thing to ever happen on TV…

So…yeah. Congrats, Roswell fans? Also, Allison Williams’s sang Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

Makes Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance look soulful by comparison.

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