Well Is/Isn’t That Special

02.07.11 8 years ago 15 Comments

Dana Carvey returned to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and if you are an ancient being from the dawn of time like me, you remembered what it was like to be little and thought it was hilarious.  There were a few classic characters brought out of the moth balls (including the return of “Wayne’s World” in the cold open, Ross Perot and “Church Chat” with the Church Lady) and a few left in (where in God’s green name was Massive Head Wound Harry?), and while it wasn’t always funny, it was fun, and that’s something SNL doesn’t get to be a lot these days.

If Carvey alone isn’t enough to make you click through and watch some clips, Mike Myers showed up to help out with Wayne’s World, Jon Lovitz makes a guest appearance during the monologue, and Phil Hartman finally bursts free from the lonely grave of Paula Schultz.

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