Well Now It Makes Sense

Back in 2000, “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone went to the Oscars wearing the same dresses that had previously been worn by Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow to the awards show. Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” they revealed how they worked up the nerve to do the stunt: they took acid.

Parker: “We thought of it the week before… We had tuxes as a backup because we thought we were gonna chicken out, and we did. And we were like, ‘Let’s not do that, let’s not do that.’ But then we were like, “Let’s take a little bit of acid.” So we did that and of course an hour later we were like, “WE GOTTA WEAR THE DRESSES.”

Stone: “It made that whole thing just make sense.”

There’s video below, and it’s funny to watch as Parker goes on to say that they were coming down as the ceremony was going on and how they hoped that they didn’t win.

Me? I don’t need drugs to wear a designer gown. Looking beautiful is its own high.