Well Played, Volkswagen

This Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial is all over the place today. But, as the Internet’s premiere destination for dog-related television content, I feel it’s very important to post it here anyway. After all, we have an image to maintain.

The spot continues the Star Wars theme from last year, and features a bunch of adorable pooches barking along to the film’s score. It’s pretty much the perfect commercial. The only way it could be improved — and I’m really splitting hairs here — is if they were barking a smooth R&B jam from the 90s instead, and my precious Blue Shirt Guy shimmied his way across the screen at the end. I love that guy. If Volkswagen had included him in this ad, I probably would have just mailed them a check. Not to pay for anything, just as a donation. After all, it’s important to support the arts.