Wes Craven Is Developing A Television Show Based On ‘People Under The Stairs’

The People Under the Stairs is not only my favorite Wes Craven film, it’s one of my favorite childhood films (yes, my childhood was slightly askew), partly because it plays like a demented fairy tale with a magical fairy that lives in the walls, and the evil stepmother — in this case, parents — who keeps the beloved princess, Alice, locked in her room. There’s the sweet prince, Fool, who takes it upon himself to save the princess from the creepy parental unit and a set of basement-dwelling dwarves who eventually help the duo.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this movie rocks: Universal is helping Craven develop the film into a TV series that’s described as Downton Abbey meets Amityville Horror which sounds a lot like American Horror Story, but whatevs. The series will debut on the Syfy channel. No word yet on whether we’ll get to see Ving Rhames break his leg again.