Aaron Paul’s ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Robot Buddy Now Has A Name And A Purpose, As Revealed By Showrunners


When Aaron Paul made his Westworld debut in HBO’s third-season teaser, the effect was a little confusing. Of course, that’s nothing new for this series, given that stars Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris both previously revealed that they sometimes don’t know what’s going on in the hit series either. Yet Westworld producers have insisted that this season won’t be as perplexing as viewers have come to expect. And what of Aaron Paul’s robot friend, as previously revealed in the teaser?

Entertainment Weekly spoke with showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who revealed how Aaron’s robot friend is not only clearly a robot (unlike his theme-park counterparts, who look pretty damn human as “hosts”), but he also has a name (George!) and is a Delos model G-267. He does not speak and works a construction gig alongside Paul’s character, Caleb. And George’s brand of robot will be huge in this season, as the hosts begin to walk the earth, free of their previous confines. Here’s what else Nolan told EW:

“Part of what our hosts find [in the real world is], they’re caught in between — they’re fashioned to look like human beings and act like them but they have more in common with the mechanical pieces in our world. The hosts are uniquely alone in that way. And that’s not true of the other robots they find in the world. [Robots like George have] been designed for a specific purpose and the hosts and the hosts have been designed to be emotional mirrors for us.”

Well, the teaser showed Caleb getting existential and wishing for “something real” to come his way, and then Evan Rachel Wood’s Delores came into view, so it’s anyone’s guess on whether their encounter generates anything that concretely makes sense to viewers (or the cast). Regardless, the gorgeous and captivating Westworld will return sometime in 2020.

(Via EW)