‘Westworld’ Is Continuing To Shed Its Mystery Online If You Can’t Wait Until Season Two

Now I will admit that it isn’t a slew of groundbreaking information but if you needed a little bit more of Westworld to comb through thanks to the events of the season finale, head online for satisfaction. Reddit has a vibrant community devoted to the show and HBO or the creators of the show have taken notice, dropping a few little trinkets here and there for people to clamor to. Not to mention there’s plenty of little references and details that many might’ve overlooked concerning where the finale was going and where Westworld stands for season two.

There will be spoilers beyond this point, so don’t read forward unless you’ve seen the Westworld season one finale or you don’t care. Either one works.

Now the first little tidbit comes from the show’s use of Shakespeare and was spotted by the eagle-eyed folks over at Reddit. It definitely sounds cool to say “these violent delights have violent ends” when dealing with a series that revolves around killer robots, but there’s apparently more to the words if you look closely.

As you can see on the screen for Delores, the quote is also a command connected to the Wyatt narrative. As we saw in the finale, Arnold says the words before Delores does her deed with the pistol and puts him in the ground. It’s also the phrase that sets off her father on the ranch and one that she later repeats to Maeve once the father host malfunctions. Does it mean that it’s the trigger phrase that sets Arnold and then Ford’s plan into motion? It certainly could. Many of the users are quick to point out the dodgy production schedule on the series, though, and raise questions about where the writing before episode five fits in with the second half of the season.

Speaking of Ford’s plan, it was right out in the open if you looked closely in the finale. The same could be said for much of the series, like that whole Man In Black / William theory that was telegraphed from the start. Technically it has been on the desk since episode six according to Reddit, but there’s a lot of stuff going on in that office. If the people he worked with missed it, I think viewers deserve a pass.

On the official side of things, the Westworld site holds a lot of surprises for fans willing to find them. Not only are there emails from the chatbot Aeden leading folks to hidden secrets on the site and glitching out like the hosts at the park. One of the glitches leads folks to some hidden clips behind-the-scenes. Some of it seems a little silly, like the show possibly confirming the date it takes place — 2052 possibly being the date of the finale — and the possible survival of a character we all thought died: Elsie.

Not only does the site provide a look at a tablet showing the location and recent activity of Elsie, but there’s also a recording hidden in the code — along with a few videos — hinting that Elsie did survive.

Is this concrete info to connect season one and two? Hell no. But it is a little more concrete than any of the stuff we got from Lost during those mythology investigations into the numbers or the smoke monster. There’s no confirmation that we’ll get more, but the latest updates came after the finale and it’s something to keep an eye on if you liked the show.

(Via The Verge / Reddit)