HBO Crams All Of ‘Westworld’ Season 1 Into One Tidy Recap Before The Park Reopens For Season 2

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s prestige cable take on 1973’s Westworld is on the cusp of reintroducing itself for season 2. Unpacking, analyzing and making a fuss of every little turn in the series is part of Westworld‘s charm, but Home Box Office is bailing out the non-obsessive viewer courtesy of this tidy four-minute recap of the first go-around.

As you may have gathered from the subject matter, spoilers abound in this brisk revisitation that ticks off some of the Greatest Hits boxes of the debut season and effectively fills in the gaps for those of us that have binged dozens of shows between Westworld seasons. There isn’t anything in the way of season 2 teases, so this is more of a clip that serves as a refresher for fans and a bluffer’s guide if you haven’t seen it and have been invited to an Ed Harris pool party.

Interviews, promotional material and sensible logic paths have suggested change is afoot when 2018’s batch of episodes arrive. If you’re a casual viewer seeking out a handy playbill of the key points, Brian Grubb’s Westworld viewing guide is an invaluable companion piece to this slice of video. No western wear required.

Westworld returns to its rootin’ tootin’ technologically dictated conflict on April 22.