HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Sounds Like It’s Going To Have Some, Um, Interesting Sex Scenes

Obviously, the first things that come to mind when you think about sexy sex scenes are Anthony Hopkins, cowboys, and androids, in that order.

So it’s no wonder that Westworld, HBO’s next potentially massive hit based on Michael Crichton’s book about amusement park robots gone wild, has them all, plus “graphic sexual situations” that sound, um, interesting?

Deadline dug up a consent agreement Westworld extras had to sign, including an acknowledgement that “this project will require you to be fully nude and/or witness others fully nude and participate in graphic sexual situations.” Such as… wear pubic hair; be cool with “genital-to-genital touching”; oral sex simulation with “hand-to-genital touching”; “contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude”; and pose on all fours while a naked person rides you like a horse, or you can ride them like a horse, too. While nude, obviously.

[Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists] is telling its member that the agreement may be unenforceable if it conflicts with the terms of the union’s Television Agreement, which provides that consent to appear in scenes requiring nudity or sex acts may be withdrawn at any time; that the set must be closed to anyone not having business with the production, and that no still photography may be authorized without the consent of the background actor. (Via)

A SAG-AFTRA representative will be on set today to “monitor the situation when the sex scene is being shot,” which makes it sound like everything described above happens at the same time. Your move, True Detective orgies.

(Via Deadline)