‘Westworld’ And Other Shows Have Been Forced To Shut Down Production Due To The Latest California Wildfires

The latest wildfires to rage in California have grown out of control, reportedly scorching an area twice the size of Manhattan in the process. While firefighters are doing their best to get the blazes under control, the potential for disaster is forcing many to take precautions. This includes the entertainment industry, leading to the shutdown of several high-profile television productions according to CNN. This includes work on the second season of HBO’s futuristic sci-fi hit Westworld:

The Thomas Fire, which is burning in Ventura County, has claimed 50,000 acres, according to CAL FIRE and is zero percent contained as of late Tuesday.
In Los Angeles County, The Creek Fire has grown to 11,000 acres, and the Rye Fire is burning about 1,000 acres, according to latest updates from fire officials.

“Due to nearby wildfires, ‘Westworld’ stopped production earlier today and will resume filming as soon as it’s safe to do so,”

CBS’ reboot of SWAT also shut down production, with the show sending a statement on Twitter announcing the decision, citing “unsafe air quality” in the area

CNN reports that neither studio has set a date to restart production and there is no indication of when the area will be safe. Some of the fires were reported to spread at “an acre a second” in our earlier story.

(Via CNN)