‘Westworld’ And The Lynchpin To Understanding The Bernard-Is-A-Host Theory

Three episodes into HBO’s Westworld, the show has inspired an array of theories ranging from the possibility of different timelines to the notion that William or, somehow, Robert Ford might be the Man in Black. Some have suggested that Arnold — the park’s co-founder — is alive and waiting at the end of the park’s maze. There are even theories that Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is influencing the storylines.

However, one of the more popular theories — and the one I’m most intrigued by — is the idea that Bernard is a host.

While some have isolated some evidence to suggest why he might be a host — the fact that his glasses are always decoratively perched on his nose, or his arguably robotic way of speaking — no one has really explained why making Bernard a host would be a good decision from a storytelling standpoint. Thematically speaking, how does it serve the story Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan are trying to tell?

I have some ideas.