‘Whale Wars’ Gets a Spin-Off

07.25.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

“Whale Wars” detailed the efforts of a group of sea-hippies toothlessly trying to stop Japanese whaling efforts. Except now that Japan has suspended its whaling efforts, Animal Planet needs a new premise to film those ocean-faring hippies. Hence, a spin-off:

Tentatively titled The Faroe Islands Project, the show has the Sea Shepherds (including Capt. Paul Watson and Peter Hammarstedt) charting a course to the Danish Protectorate of the Faroe Islands, where there’s an annual hunt for pilot whales titled “The Grind.” In a practice going back to the first Norse settlements on the islands, an estimated 1,000 whales are corralled by local residents into the shallow coves to be killed. [EW]

What? “The Faroe Islands Project”? That’s a HUGE step down from “Whale Wars.” I could think of titles for “Whale Wars” spin-offs all day and never come up with something as dull as “The Faroe Islands Project.” Like “Man Vs Dolphin.” Or “Whale Hunting With the Stars.” “Project Blowhole.” “Jersey Shorca.” “So You Think You Can Echolocate.” “Big Blubber.” “America’s Next Top Narwhal.” “The Real Housewhales of Monterey Bay.” “License to Krill.” All these and more, this fall on the Whale Channel.

(thanks to Burnsy and Vince for helping with Whale Channel programming)

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