What a Great Concept for a TV Show!

10.04.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

Texts from Last Night is a perfectly enjoyable website in which anonymous drunks identified only by their area code recount the blurry events of their hard-partying lives. There are no recurring characters, and there’s almost zero interaction between the texters. Hey, I know! Let’s make it a TV show!

Fox has tapped Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta to develop a half-hour comedy based on the infamous blog Texts From Last Night. Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV are producing. [Deadline]

Horta also created “The Chronicle” and “Jake 2.0,” so you KNOW this is gonna be good. Oh, and if all of this sounds familiar, it’s because Fox has been trying to make this show for years.

The network, Happy Madison and Sony TV first took a stab at developing a comedy based on the Web site two seasons ago with Steve Holland as the writer. Last season, it was redeveloped with different writers, Marc Abrams and Michael Benson. Now a new take will be written by Horta, who had been looking to branch out into half-hour comedies after creating 2 sci-fi dramas and a dramedy.

Someday I want to see how decisions get made in Hollywood (aside from cocaine and blowjobs, of course). “Yes, OBVIOUSLY the writers are the problem here. The concept is PERFECT for TV. Johnson, those first two writing teams failed horribly! Get me the guy from ‘Ugly Betty’!”

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