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Daphne Zuniga has become the fourth member of the original cast of “Melrose Place” to agree to appear on the new version of the show, slated to debut on the CW this fall.  The others: Josie Bisette as Jane, Laura Leighton as Sydney, and Thomas Calabro as Dr. Michael Mancini.  I guess Andrew Shue was too busy.  Too busy shaking down teenage prostitutes in Hong Kong.

Zuniga — last seen on One Tree Hill — will reprise her role as photographer Jo Reynolds in The CW’s reboot of Melrose Place this fall. She’ll guest star in at least two episodes; her character returns to town after enjoying success in her career as a professional photographer. [EW]

Why does every character on every TV show that gets rebooted/updated become successful?  Remember how Tori Spelling’s Donna Martin went on to become a great fashion designer?  That’s someone who barely graduated high school.  I’m not wishing ill upon Daphne Zuniga’s character, but c’mon, Hollywood: most people who get older just become pregnant or alcoholic or fat or bald.  Sometimes all of those things.

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