What Are The Best Shows On Hulu?

08.15.18 1 year ago
what are the best shows on hulu right now


Netflix might boast more original series, but when it comes to award-winning cable TV, Hulu is where it’s at. The streaming service is home to some quality appointment-viewing, bringing fans new episodes of some truly inventive, thrilling TV series. That’s why we’ve created this list, a guide to all the current TV shows on Hulu that critics can’t stop talking about. Good luck choosing which one to binge first.

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Castle Rock

1 season, 10 episodes | IMDb: 8.7/10

Stephen King is experiencing his own kind of renaissance this year, and most of it is thanks to streaming platforms. A couple of King works were picked up by Netflix recently, but Hulu struck gold when it nabbed the rights to Castle Rock, a King story that’s reimagined and given new life thanks to a talented cast that includes Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard, and Andre Holland. The show follows Henry Deaver (Holland), a death-row attorney called back to his hometown after a young man was found caged in an abandoned part of Shawshank Prison. Deaver’s got a mysterious past of his own – he went missing as a young boy after his father was murdered with the town believing him to be the culprit – and the series looks to connect these two men, and the strange, demonic goings-on of the town as its first season plays out.

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