What ‘Breaking Bad’ Would Look Like As A 1995 Feel-Good Drama

The next couple of months of TV are going to be great. Just as Justified (three episodes left), The Americans (seven), Archer (six) and The Walking Dead (four) wrap up their seasons, Game of Thrones and Mad Men return. Plus, it’s nearly sweeps, so Parks and Rec, Community, New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, etc. won’t be impeded by reruns, not to mention the returns of Happy Endings and Veep and the merciful series finale of The Office.

But with all due respect to Arrested Development (I’m not being facetious here; give all the respects to AD), it’s the final season of Breaking Bad I’m most looking forward to, obviously. We’re still many months away, though, so, because I’m out of meth for y’all, let’s distract ourselves with BB videos and stories and spoilers.

1. Remember when Aaron Paul tweeted the show would return in July? Well, apparently, he wasn’t lying.

2. AMC has released an “On the Set of the Final 8 Episodes: Breaking Bad promotional video. Nothing major’s revealed, but Cranston does say, with a completely straight face, that this season is a “roller coaster ride to Hell” and one of the talking heads is done by both Bob Odenkirk and Aaron Paul, so we’ll take what we can get.

3. Here’s a fun mega-spoiler about a certain someone returning to Albuquerque.

4. Gonna guess this isn’t the name of the series finale.

5. Have you seen the Taylor Swift screaming videos? Haha, of course you have — you spend all your time on the Internet, like we do. I wonder if anyone’s fed the cat this week…? Oh well. Here’s the T-Swift/Walter White version.

6. And lastly, if Breaking Bad was a 1995 drama like Walker: Texas Ranger. Needs more cute kids with AIDS.

Now sail off into the sunset, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, only to return when you’ve got new episodes.

Ohhhhhhh, I get it: they’re sons. Breaking Bad, solved.