What Is The Meaning Of ‘A’ On ‘The Walking Dead’?

(Some spoilers from this season of The Walking Dead.)

While some questions were posed on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, for the most part, we just got a lot of backstory, filling in the gaps of what turned crazy killer Morgan from season three into slightly less crazy, Aikido master Morgan we’ve seen so far this season. We got a failed lesson in cheesemaking, Karate Kid-type training with Morgan, and a lot of callbacks. It was a calm respite after the three fast-paced episodes preceding it, it kept us in agony over Schrödinger’s Glenn, and we got another piece of the puzzle, “What does ‘A’ mean?”

We’ve seen the ominous letter repeatedly since last season, and unlike the letters JSS, we don’t have definitive proof as to what it stands for. Morgan, Sam, and the Wolves have all used the letter in different places. It makes the most sense that the marking is tied to the Wolves’ origin story, but how will that be revealed in the weeks to come? Will the lone Wolf continue scribbling the scarlet letter throughout Alexandria? Will we learn that Sam has always been the leader of the Wolves (and that Carol is screwed)? What do you think “A” means? Whatever these answers might be, I’m sure we are all very, very ready for next week’s episode and the arrival of that pesky zombie horde.

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