‘South Park’ Makes It Clear Where It Stands On Each Presidential Candidate In Its Season Premiere

The season premiere of South Park felt like an old friend picking up where they left off, jumping right in the heart of Mr. Garrison’s campaign for president against a turd sandwich. The show wasted no time addressing the lack of Donald Trump in this season’s presidential campaign, while also planting the seeds for what we would see throughout this season’s storyline — the nicest addition in the most recent seasons.

There’s no Hill Dog or Garrison or beating around the bush for Trey Parker and Matt Stone this season, it’s literally just Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche. Mrs. Turd Sandwich if you’re nasty. The duo mentioned this at Paley Fest, but it’s fun to see it in action. One can only imagine where it will go for the rest of the season, but they truly did a fine job of including Donald Trump without including Donald Trump.

Elsewhere we got to see Colin Kaepernick’s protest get the grade school treatment, hitting on the idea that people are paying attention to what’s happening around sports as opposed to the sports themselves. There’s also what seems to be another classic Cartman plot that might end up being a slow burn for the entire season, with a nice twist at the end.

It’s good to have the show back, especially with a rebooted anthem and all.

(Via Comedy Central)