The ‘What/If’ Creator Drops Clues About Season 2 Plans That May Or May Not Involve Renée Zellweger


(Warning: Heavy What/If spoilers shall be found below.)

Revenge creator Mike Kelley brought What/If to Netflix a few weeks ago, and oh boy. The gloriously trashy series, which pits Renée Zellweger against Jane Levy, is a return to melodramatic form for Kelley and has been heavily trending on social media. The streaming service previously suggested that this would be an anthology series, and the season finale reveals that Zellweger’s character (Anne Montgomery) apparently died in a fire, but she actually did not, since Anne faked her death and is now living abroad with a different hair color. So is there any possible way that the Oscar winner could (or would) would return for a second round?

One would guess that it’s up to Zellweger (and whatever contract she signed) on if she would return, but Kelley reveals that he does have a way in mind that she could come back. The essence of his plan, as he recently told TV Line in an interview, is to craft an entirely different world and set of characters. However, he’d like to use the same actors to act out a new morality play of sorts:

“My intention is for future seasons, assuming we get future seasons, to take place in a universe where the other story never existed. So there would be no Anne Montgomery in the world of Season 2 … Assuming everyone’s schedule lines up and they want to do it, my hope is to pull an American Horror Story and bring back the same actors to play different parts in each season.”

Well, why not? It’s be something to see Zellweger and Levy act out another incarnation of the same power struggle. However, we cannot rule out Westworld‘s Louis Herthum as an essential player in any dynamic within this series. And like I said before, Gabriel Mann (who played a venture capitalist with mad fencing skills in season one) needs to make Revenge fans happy by returning as a different ridiculous character in every season that ends up existing. Please make this happen, streaming gods.

(Via TV Line)