What in God’s Name Is Going on Here?

04.14.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

For all you beady-eyed Canadians and other international readers who complain about Hulu’s stupid America-only video players, today you’re in luck: you probably don’t want to see this. Next week’s “Glee” is the much-talked-about (by gays) episode featuring all Madonna songs, and that’s why we have Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester in a scarily accurate recreation of the video for “Vogue.” Now, I don’t have any love or loyalty to the original song or video, but this is crazy disturbing. Jane Lynch is one of the funniest actresses on the planet, but I really don’t need to see her in a see-through lace shirt.

The most unsettling aspect is that Lynch looks just like Blonde Ambition-era Madonna, except with 20 years of decay. It’s like that scene in The Shining where Jack Nicholson sees the hot naked chick in the shower, and he starts making out with her, then he looks again and he’s holding the rotting corpse of a zombie. The only thing that could possibly be scarier than Lynch dressed as Madonna back then is Madonna today dressed as Madonna back then.

(Original video for “Vogue” is here — in case you wanna watch that, ya homo.)

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