What Joke Could Have Possibly Made This Weatherman Laugh So Hard?

WGRZ weather team member Andy Parker might be “an accomplished forecaster whose presence bolstered the station’s weather operations,” according to his long and impressive bio on the Buffalo news station’s website. But when it comes to keeping it together under immense pressure, he still has plenty of work to do. On yesterday morning’s broadcast, Parker just couldn’t stop laughing about something, as he told the rest of the WGRZ team that it was a joke someone told him earlier that was making him lose his forecasting cool. Normally, we’d probably give him a little more hell for this, but it’s not like he ate cat poop off the floor.

So what was the joke that had Parker laughing so hard? Some speculate that it was classic newsroom goofing and not a joke at all, but I believe I know what joke it is.

Q: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?
A: The P is silent.

Hilarious, right? I guarantee that’s the joke that was making Parker laugh so hard.