What Spending A Drunken Night With David Cross Is Like

After a brief separation to see other people, like magicians and meth-makers, every comedy fan’s adopted parents David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are back together, touring the country behind a new book and comedy tour. Yesterday, the Mr. Show duo, as well as Brian Posehn (whose voice sounds the way I feel inside), held a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where they answered questions about why their four-season masterpiece isn’t on HBO Go (“HBO has a hate-hate relationship with the show”), if Arrested Development or Breaking Bad fans will be annoying during the tour (“Definitely Breaking Bad“), and the Washington Monugents. No one liked Mitt like that…

Also, a random fan discussed his night out with David Cross many years ago. It’s delightful.


Don’t suppose you remember our night out in Leeds a couple of years ago? We went out on a bender and you sang some awesome made up national anthem for Finland to that piss head?

I also still have that CCTV disc you wanted!


Holy sh*t! Matt, of COURSE I remember!! I talked about that on stage. Yes, please “pm” me your email address and we can figure out how to get that disc. That will really make that whole story/evening come to life. Remember that crazy drunk woman who tried to kick my head? Fun night.


Glad you remember! Of course I remember her, and her two sons attempting to be double hard bastards. Fun times indeed. Or the guy that wanted to trade us his weed for a bottle of cider, so we just mixed random sh*t from the tables into a bottle for him haha.

He later elaborated:

A few friends and I were in a pub in Leeds Centre, I look over at the games machine and see a guy playing it. He walks over to the bar and I’m like “Dude, are you David Cross?!”. Indeed it was.

David asked if he could drink with us, I picked my jaw up off the floor long enough to say yes.

We did the whole , “OMG Hollywood” thing and then just started drinking. Some drunk guy just randomly walked over and said to David, “Hey I know you, you’re that kid I gave up when I was younger from that Thai bride I had in Finland.” David just shouted “Daddy!” and then made up some mental national anthem for Finland, (If I recall it was named the Beautiful hills of Finland).

He then tried to swap us some weed if we bought him a drink, he went off to the toilet and we poured everything we could find into a bottle of Magners, which he then drank.

Some batty woman was in with her two son’s. She was shouting at us for being too loud. We laughed at her and she kicked David in the shin, we jumped in front of the woman trying to move her on with her son’s who by this point were also being shits. After a 5 minutes of shouting they left.

We then went to a few bars on Call Lane, shit got wild down there.

Finished the night off with some photo’s and David buying 5 kebabs between 3 of us from some takeaway.

I waited till the end of the night before asking for an autograph, he wrote: “Dear Matt, I love you. Like seriously, I love you. Your Pal David Cross.” Was one of the best nights out I’ve had.

He was in Leds because his Dad is from there and wanted to check it out. I did that story no justice and probably missed loads out, haha.

Oh yeah, “and there was plenty of Jagerbombs.” Of course.