What Is Your Favorite New Show Of 2017?

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One thing you can say about TV in 2017: there certainly was a lot of it. And a lot of it was new, too. Alan Sepinwall included a fair number of new series on his Top 20 list and still managed to make a list of 10 more worthy shows. We polled a bunch of Uproxx writers for their favorite shows and found even more.

What Is Your Favorite New Show Of 2017?


Star Trek: Discovery, by a mile. I’ve already written about the first half of the season, and watching the first few episodes brought back everything I loved about Star Trek and (almost) nothing that made me cringe. Dan Seitz


The Handmaid’s Tale for a variety of reasons, mainly because it felt so relevant watching Elisabeth Moss defy the patriarchy while smirking under her bonnet. It also did my soul good to see more of Ann Dowd. You can never have too much Ann Dowd. – Jessica Toomer

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