What Was The Worst Episode Of ‘Lost’ According To Showrunners Damon Lindelof And Carlton Cuse?

There’s been much talk of Lost this year, because it’s the tenth anniversary of the series, and we love to celebrate anniversaries on the Internet. Maybe the biggest revelation of them all, however, was finding out that the kid who played Walt grew up real damn nice. Anyway, though Lindelof still gets guff from the likes of George RR Martin for the Lost finale, and though criticism of Lost after the Breaking Bad finale finally drove the poor guy from Twitter, both he and Carlton Cuse have always been pretty honest about the mistakes they made on Lost.

One of the biggest mistakes was “Stranger in a Strange Land,” an episode they admit in an interview with Esquire was the series’ worst.

I mean, I think the episode where Jack gets his tattoos in Thailand. I think it’s cringe-worthy, where he’s flying the kite on the beach. It was not our finest hour. We used Matthew Fox’s real tattoos. That’s how desperate we were for flashback stories.

That was the episode, in fact, where they decided they needed to put an end date on Lost.

That story became really instrumental in convincing ABC that we needed to end the show. We were like, “Okay, this is what flashbacks look like now so it’s probably a good idea if we figure out how much longer this show is actually going to go.”

Lindelof also concedes that, of the six seasons of Lost, probably 15-20 episodes were total “turds.”

We did 121 hours of Lost. Arguably only 15 to 20 of them were subpar, bordering on turds. It would be great to pretend those episodes never happened, but I love the fact that we’re still talking about Nikki and Paulo. Sometimes the mistake, the thing that wasn’t good, is the thing that’s really part of the legacy of a show like ours.

Ugh, Nikki and Paulo. At least that was better than watching Sun spend an entire episode searching for her lost wedding ring.

Source: Esquire