What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: Only The Best Comic-Book Series On TV

If you’ve already watched the Best 25 Best Shows on Netflix, powered through the Next 25 Best TV Shows on Netflix, and got caught up on this week’s best new movies on Netflix, we now have even more Netflix options for you. Here’s all the recently released seasons of television on Netflix, plus upcoming expirations and Netflix TV news.

Pick of the Week

Arrow (Season 2 available 9/14) — I’ve been making my way through Arrow over the last month and I have three episodes left, and I’d much rather be watching them than almost anything else right now. After a bumpy start, the series found its identity and, as comic-book series go, it blows Agents of SHIELD away. It’s fun, addictive, the cast is gorgeous, and it goes down like candy. If you’re not watching it, start from the beginning. You’ve got about two weeks until season three starts (along with its spin-off, Flash). The only troubling thing about it is, when you’re binge-watching it, you can see how much Katie Cassidy’s face changes over the course of the series.

Expiring Soon— ESPN’s 30 for 30 Series is expiring this week, as are George Carlin’s stand-up specials.

Netflix News of NoteGilmore Girls, one of the shows a lot of people have been hankering to see on Netflix for a good long while, will finally arrive on October 1st. (Here’s 10 episodes that will hook anyone.)

The Rest

Turbo FAST (Five new episodes!) — Decent animated series based on the mediocre Ryan Reynolds movie. And Netflix doesn’t release this one all at once. They make the kids wait.

About a Boy (Season 1 available 9/14) — I was very excited at the prospect of this series because of the source material, because Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) was behind it, and because I really dig David Walton. It struggled early on, but once Adrianne Palicki arrived, it transformed into a very cute, very watchable sitcom. Here’s hoping Palicki sticks around a while longer.

New Girl (Season 3 available 9/16) — The third season will always be remembered as the season of Nick and Jess. Let us never speak of it again. (It was a decent season, but nowhere near as good as season two).

Bones (Season 9 available 9/16) — Nine seasons! If you’re curious, if you started right now, and took no breaks to eat or sleep, you could watch the entire run in a hair under eight days. Good luck!