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Blue Mountain State (Spike) — Series premiere. That tweet above pretty much says it all, but if you’re still not convinced that this show is strictly for only the most pigheaded of juvenile idiots, check out the trailer embedded below. It looks insultingly bad — and I say that as a pigheaded, juvenile idiot.

American Idol (Fox) — Season premiere, with guest judge Victoria Beckham. Yeah that’s right, “Idol.” I gave “Blue Mountain State” top billing over you.

Southland (TNT) — Tonight is the Season 1 pilot, aired commercial-free with scenes that weren’t shown on NBC. I enjoyed this show, back in the golden days before NBC got rid of original programming at 10 o’clock in favor of Jay Leno. It’s not “The Wire” or anything, but it could have been a worthy cop shows in the mold of “Hill Street Blues.”

Better Off Ted (ABC) — This show will have a permanent home in the Warming Glow listings until ABC gives it the respect it deserves. I mean, come on: “dick-infested man mattress.” That’s good stuff.

The Tonight Show (NBC) — This is suddenly must-watch TV. As noted by fellow dick-joke auteur Drew Magary, “If Conan uses the Tonight Show to dare NBC to fire him until they finally do, it will be the awesomest thing on television.” I couldn’t agree more. Tonight’s guest is Tom Brokaw; how soon do you think NBC will start airing “Tonight Show” re-runs?

The Late Late Show (CBS) — I just bring this up because my DVR decided not to record Conan last night and so I ended up watching Ferguson interview Mila Kunis (part 1, part 2), and he really is excellent. I think I enjoy him as an interviewer more than any other late-night host.

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