What’s on 2nite: Obama Be Mythbustin’

12.08.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Mythbusters (Discovery) — President Barack Obama asks the MythBusters to show Luke Scott and other birthers his birth certificate. No, not really: he has them use a bunch of kids to test one of the legends about Archimedes.

Hookers: Saved on the Strip (ID) — As noted by a commenter when we first learned about this show, a far superior program would be “Hookers: Shaved on the Strip.”

The Eight-Limbed Boy (TLC) — As usual, Drew Magary gets to the good jokes first: “I would have preferred the title Spiderboy, but you can’t always get what you want. Join TLC as they profile a six-year-old Indian boy who has a parasitic twin.”

Top Chef (Bravo) — Joe Jonas serves as a guest judge. What the hell does Jonas know about taste? Well, he HAS nailed Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene.

Ghost Hunters (Syfy) — Season finale. For the 126th consecutive episode, the ghost hunters find no real evidence of ghosts, because ghosts don’t exist. I can’t wait for Season 7!

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