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Gossip Girl (The CW) — Season 3 premiere. Wow, Season 3 already? I feel like it was just last year that I never cared about this show. I guess they’re in college now? That’s cool. You girls gonna be wearin’ all those clothes the ENTIRE episode?

Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo) — Tonight: the creative team and cast of “Family Guy,” including Seths MacFarlane and Green. Whether you love or hate MacFarlane (or are ambivalent about him like I am), there’s no denying that this New York Times interview goes beyond “asking tough questions” territory and into the “Lady, why are you such a bitch?” zone.

Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke (VH1) — Yahoo: “Having supported dozens of friends and family members over the years (among them children and five exes), comedian Eddie Griffin finds himself in a financial hole. He realizes that it’s time for him to trim the fat and take care of himself for a change. As a result, his mother, Doris, moves in to give him a swift kick in the rear and a big dose of tough love. [Um, that’s not “taking care of yourself” – Ed.] In addition to Eddie and Doris, “Going for Broke” also features the rest of Eddie’s family, like 70-year-old Uncle Curtis (who is an amateur porn star, looking to turn pro); Eddie Jr., an aspiring singer whose studio costs are staggering; and JC, the gargantuan ex-NFL pro turned boxer, who Eddie hopes to take to the top. Of course, all of them are bleeding Eddie dry as he works himself to death, trying to help them realize their own dreams.” I actually had to double-check to make sure this was a reality show and not a terrible, terrible sitcom.

The Jay Leno Show (NBC) — Series debut. Barf.

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — Doubleheader: Bills at Patriots followed by Chargers at Raiders. There should be high drama in these games, assuming you bet everything you own on the Bills and Raiders covering. Follow the live-blog action at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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