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Dollhouse (Fox) — The season finale tonight is supposedlt pretty good.  From the Chicago Tribune: “The episode, ‘Omega,’ does all the things that Whedon’s shows do at their best: It delivers action, suspense, quippy dialogue and a tangled set of relationships, all while asking thorny questions about human nature.”  Phew, I can finally stop watching just for Eliza Dushku’s ass.

Party Down (Starz) —  I’ve only heard good things about the show from the people who’ve watched it.  Bad news is that’s only two people.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) — Seth McFarlane is a guest.  Should be good, if you’re into watching talented people be bloviating douchebags about their liberal politics.  Which I’m not.

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) — They should combine this show with “Medium” and have an episode where Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Love Hewitt watch True Romance and I Know What You Did Last Summer together while eating buckets of fried chicken and crying greasy tears for what they once were.  Oh, Jennifer Love.  So sad.  I’ll always remember you like this.

Escape to Chimp Eden (Animal Planet) — This would be so much better if it had Kurt Russell playing a chimpanzee.

SATURDAY: Starship Troopers (TNT) — I understand that this is a cult classic and all, but it’s really not worth watching without the tits.  Also, it makes me sad to see one of Robert Heinlein’s best books get raped by Paul Verhoeven.

When Stunts Go Bad 2! (Spike) — Well, they couldn’t have gone that badly if there’s a second one.

Giada at Home (Food Network) — She’s always cooking at home.  I keep waiting for the episode where she just tries on lingerie and lounges around the house.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) — Justin Timberlake; musical guest Ciara.  Check back Monday morning for Hulu videos of the best skits.  Sorry foreigners, you don’t get to watch.

SUNDAY: NBA Playoffs (ABC) — Game 4 of Lakers-Rockets.  So good to see that Tracy McGrady finally made it into the second round of the playoffs.  What’s that?  The Rockets did it without him?  Ouch.

Alzheimer’s Project (HBO) — Part 1 of 5 in a series of profiles on Alzheimer’s patients.  “Glenda?  I need you to talk to the camera, not the bookcase.”

Daisy of Love (VH1) — All-new episode at 9:00 p.m., people.  Silicon, booze, and body ink, with a huge whiff of douche.

Science of Sex Appeal (TLC) — I saw something exactly like this once.  Well, vaguely similar.  Okay, so it was a porno where the girl wore glasses and a lab coat.

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