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Your move, FilmDrunk

So here we are.  4th of July, baby.  This wonderfully overgrown mess of a republic turns 233 this weekend.  And yeah, we got problems.  Race issues.  Cultural divides.  Staggering debt.  Prohibitively expensive medical care.  Huge swaths of the population who enjoy CBS’s primetime lineup.  But 233 years ago, some rich white dudes laid their balls out there and said “F you, England.”  And we’ve been saying “F you” to everyone else ever since.  RAWK.  Happy birthday, America — you big, dirty, beautiful slut.

Now, to the business of TV: what on this weekend, you ask?  Well, a whole buncha marathons, just in case you wanna stay inside watching one show all weekend.  After the jump, I’ve got a long list of everything that will be shown ad nauseam, re-blogged from the splendid Interesting Pile.


Discovery Channel: Deadliest Catch

MSNBC: Lockup

Sci-Fi: The Twilight Zone

Speed: Wrecked

Style: My Super Sweet 16

TLC: Cake Boss / The Little Couple

TNT: Law & Order

TV One: Alex Haley’s Queen

TruTV: Beach Patrol



Animal Planet: Dogs 101

BET: Sister, Sister

Discovery Channel: Deadliest Catch

Discovery Health: The Critical Hour

History Channel: The Revolution

Sci-Fi: The Twilight Zone

Style: Clean House

Travel: Extreme…

TruTV: Ocean Force

TV Land: Leave It To Beaver / Andy Griffith Show / Roseanne

TV One: Martin

USA: James Bond films


Discovery Channel: Deadliest Catch

Discovery Health: Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Disney: Hannah Montana

History: Ice Road Truckers

Spike: UFC Unleashed

Style: Clean House

TLC: Extreme Forensics

TruTV: Hot Pursuit

TV Land: Leave It To Beaver / Andy Griffith Show / Roseanne

USA: Royal Pains

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