What’s on Tonight: 2 Broke Hoarders

11.07.11 7 years ago 15 Comments

2 Broke Girls (CBS) — Kat Dennings tweeted about how excited she was to see tonight’s hoarder-themed episode, and I can’t help but feel that someone who’s as cool and offbeat as Kat Dennings shouldn’t be endorsing “2 Broke Girls,” even if she IS the star.

WWE Monday Night Raw (USA) — I never include wrestling here because I try to minimize the sports talk and I’m much more comfortable pretending that pro wrestling doesn’t exist. But I figure I owe it to Brandon after that stellar Corgi Friday he turned in. Me, I’ll be lurking in the Monday Night Football live-blog at KSK.

House (Fox) — The incredibly handsome Jamie Bamber (Apollo on “Battlestar Galactica”) guest stars as the patient with mystery sickness of the week.

Castle (ABC) — Castle joins the male detectives on a road trip to Atlantic City, and I sincerely doubt that the show will accurately portray how depressing that city is. Atlantic City is the Cleveland of gambling.

Enlightened (HBO) — I’ve fallen behind on my HBO watching, which is stupid because that ish is expensive. Last night, my DVR got maxed out on recorded shows, and instead of deleting the oldest show to make room, it deleted EVERYTHING I had saved, including the previous four weeks of “Boardwalk Empire” I hadn’t watched. I mean, I know it’s On Demand, but that’s still messed up. Time Warner sucks homeless AIDS penis.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Melissa McCarthy and Anthony Bourdain on Letterman (I wonder if Bourdain will talk about the nude pictures that TMZ posted this weekend); Ellen Barkin on Leno; Taylor Lautner and Herman Cain on Kimmel; Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Ferguson; Anderson Cooper and Armie Hammer on Fallon; Clint Eastwood on “The Daily Show”; and Adam Sandler on Conan.

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