What's On Tonight: A Bunch of Idiots

03.14.12 7 years ago 19 Comments

Survivor (CBS) — The title of tonight’s episode is, “A Bunch of Idiots.” There has never been a more appropriate title for this season of “Survivor.”

The Middle/Suburgatory/Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC) — They’re all back tonight, but per usual, “Happy Endings” is the one to watch. In tonight’s episode, the gang attempts to find a restaurant where one of them hasn’t been banned or will run into an ex. Dollars to donuts, they settle for Dave’s meat truck. Meanwhile, “Modern Family” continues to stunt cast in lieu of new plotlines. Tonight’s episode will feature Bobby Cannavale (The Station Agent) and Ellen Barkin.

Psych (USA Network) — Anyone ever wonder what James Roday did before “Psych” came along? He was in The Dukes of Hazzard movie, that’s what.

South Park (Comedy Central) — (SEASON PREMIERE) “South Park,” entering its 16th season, is only 7 seasons behind “The Simpsons,” but still as good as eighth season “The Simpsons.” What sacred cow will the gang molest tonight? Ummm, leaving the toilet seat up. Scratch what I said about “South Park” still being fresh.

NCAA Basketball: California vs. South Florida (TruTV) — The NCAA Tournament kicks off tonight. Is the play-in game really on TruTV? Does anyone watch TruTV? Does anyone know where TruTV is on their cable lineup?

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Dave’s got Martin Short, Leno has Charming Potato and Drew Brees, Kimmmel has Jonah Hill, Ferguson has … Regis?, and Fallon has Tim Tebow. “The Daily Show” also has Rachel Weisz on what should be a good election episode.

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