What’s on Tonight: Bachelorette Party

10.17.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Bachelorette Party (Oxygen) — Series premiere. In this lavish new advertisement for The Palms in Las Vegas, the hotel’s events team put together a different bachelorette party every week for the kind of women who want their bachelorette parties recorded and televised. (P.S. This was the banner image I almost used.)

Bored to Death (HBO) — The season premiere last week slipped past my radar. I enjoy watching this for Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson, and all the scenes shot in places that I recognize in Brooklyn, but I wouldn’t recommend necessarily recommend it to anyone else.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) — The ratings have fallen off since 28 million people watched the premiere. So the good news is that there IS a God. The bad news is He likes Charlie Sheen.

Gossip Girl (CW) — In Season 1 of “Gossip Girl,” Dan (Penn Badgley) was the not-rich outsider living in Brooklyn and trying to fit in at a school on the wealthy Upper East Side — kind of a mix between Ryan and Seth from “The O.C.” Now Dan has a book about to be published while he’s still college-age, thereby destroying whatever remaining underdog sentiment we might have had for him.

Castle (ABC) — I generally don’t catch any “Castle” episodes until after football season, but tonight’s Monday Night Football is Dolphins-Jets, so maybe I’ll tune in.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Matt Smith and Joel Schumacher on Ferguson; Harry Belafonte on Colbert; Hilary Duff on Chelsea; and Kaley Cuoco on Conan (Cuoco on Coco!). Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, and Fallon are in reruns this week.

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