What’s on Tonight: ‘Burn Notice’ Finale

08.26.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Burn Notice (USA) — Season finale. “Burn Notice” is totally the skanky summer fling you don’t want your friends to meet. It was fun, but falls coming and it’s time to date someone who’s worth your while.

Futurama (Comedy Central) — Katee Sackhoff guest stars. If “Futurama” had originally been as good as it’s been this season, it never would have been canceled in the first place. (Watch a clip of Future Matt Groening at Comic Con here.)

Stan Lee’s Superhumans (History) — This actually looks kind of cool. The show profiles real-life weirdos who might be considered X-Men if you squint kinda hard and have a really good imagination.

NFL Preseason (ESPN) — Colts at Packers. Aaron Rodgers has completed more than 80% of his passes in the preseason. He is SO going to suffer a season-ending injury during Week 1.

Project Runway (Bravo) — Ooohh, the contestants have to work in teams on tonight’s challenges. That always makes for the best episodes. And by “best” I mean “cattiest.” They’re synonymous.

Jersey Shore (MTV) — Sammi finds the anonymous letter and decides she’s done with Ronnie. For about half the episode, anyway. I hate the way producers have forced story lines on the show this season. I want to shake the crap out of the person who thought they needed to spice up the working formula they had the first season. They’re Guidos; just let them go out and drink and fight and hook up.

BBQ Pitmasters (TLC) — I don’t understand. Are they grilling midgets or sextuplets? No? Then why is it on TLC?

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