What’s On Tonight: ‘Chucky’ Launches His Murder-Doll Series, And ‘Stargirl’ Takes A Road Trip

Chucky: Season 1 (SYFY and USA, 10:00pm) — The good-bad news is that the O.G. homicidal doll shall never die. Granted, a mid-2020 teaser that kept things very mysterious regarding who would voice Chucky, but this trailer puts that mystery to rest. Mark Hamill may have been the most recent Chucky, but original voice actor Brad Dourif will return for this USA Network/SyFy sequel series. Also notably, Jennifer Tilly will return as Tiffany Valentine, but this trailer largely focuses on Zackary Arthur’s Jake, who makes the mistake of adopting Chucky at a garage sale. All hell breaks loose, and as Chucky puts it, this will be the “World Series of Slaughter.”

Stargirl (CW, 8:00pm) — Hey, Joel McHale will return to this series as a regular (after Starman’s very apparent death in the pilot episode) in Season 3, but for now, Courtney’s devastated to learn that Pat’s been keeping a major secret from her (Starman?). While working that out in her head, she and Jennie set off on a road trip to stop Eclipso.

Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (Netflix film) — This documentary poses an unlikely idea: did the pandemic really bring us together, as much as it’s torn humanity apart? Listen up for the argument that unsung heroes are pushing us toward a collectively brighter future.

Bright: Samurai Soul (Netflix film) — This anime movie takes place in between the Shogunate’s fall and the Meiji era’s rise, all while a wandering ronin and an orc (who’s working toward redemption) meet up with a young elf girl, and they all take a journey toward the land of the elves. In the process, they must evade a shady organization who aims to take the elf’s wand and use it to resurrect the Dark Lord’s power.

Supergirl (CW, 9:00pm) — Nyxly’s in kidnap-mode with William while Supergirl keeps attempting to acquire totems but realizes that a new strategy is warranted to save National City.

La Brea (NBC, 9:00pm) — Natalie Zea stars in this series about an LA sinkhole that sucks an unfortunate group into some primeval hellhole, where pterodactyls and bad CGI reside. It’s preposterous and not objectively good but might attract Manifest fans, and the sabertooth tiger cliffhanger dangles some promise. This week, food supplies are dwindling, so it’s time to head into the forest, which means primeval-hell creatures.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Khloe Kardashian, Meghan Tranior, Chloe

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Scott Speedman

In case you missed these streaming picks from last Tuesday:

The Closer (Netflix comedy special) — Dave Chappelle’s stand-up comedy run with Netflix has been a lucrative one for both parties. This combined body of work includes The Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Equanimity, The Bird Revelation, and Sticks & Stones, and the supposed final chapter is called The Closer. There’s no telling whether Chappelle and Netflix’s common goodwill (after CEO Ted Sarandos helped him receive The Chappelle Show license back, along with millions of dollars) will result in a re-upping of a deal beyond this sixth stand-up special, but for now, the The Closer (with returning, Emmy-award winning director Stan Lathan) is closing things out.

Escape The Undertaker (Netflix interactive special) — Following Bandersnatch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend, and You Vs. Wild: Out Cold, this new interactive special features WWE Superstars aplenty. Uhhh, The Undertaker’s living in an extreme haunted house and The New Day tag team is simply trying to survive his wrath. I’m not gonna lie, this is awfully confusing stuff, but our next selection is not any less baffling.