What’s on 2nite: ‘Community’ Paintball

05.05.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

Community (NBC) — Part 1 of a two-part season finale. As the cast revisits the brilliant paintball-themed episode of Season 1 — which Dan Harmon assures us will draw on the films of Sergio Leone — Josh Holloway of “Lost” guest stars as the mysterious Black Rider.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) — Parker Posey guest stars as an old “friend” of Leslie’s. Hot damn. The “Parks and Recreation” cast is already damn near perfect in every way, but if I had to pick one actress who could fit in seamlessly, it would be Posey. She makes everything she’s in better. Even crap like You’ve Got Mail.

Precious Life (HBO) — A documentary about a Palestinian woman seeking an operation for her infant son that only be done in an Israeli hospital. Keep the tissues handy. For tears, I mean. You people are sick.

Pawn Queens (TLC) — Series premiere. This is a show that exists.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) — It’s the wedding between Callie and Arizona. Of course they’re getting married; they’re neighboring states.

The Office (NBC) — It’s the first episode without Steve Carell and — if my memory serves me — the last episode of Will Ferrell’s guest stint.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: John Krasinski and Blake Griffin on Conan; Dita von Teese on Chelsea; Katie Couric and Ralph Macchio on Leno; Chris Hemsworth on Kimmel; Juliette Lewis on Ferguson; and Tina Fey on Fallon. Awww, Fey and Fallon together again. I’d think that was cute if I had a heart. Full listings.

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