What's On Tonight: 'Cougar Town' (Wine) and 'Justified' (Bourbon)

Image via FX

Justified (FX) – We’re officially at the point of the season where things are starting to get SERIOUS. We’re playing for keeps now, kiddies. Recap and discussion post tomorrow, so take notes.

Cougar Town (ABC) – I was one of those guys who was all “‘COUGAR TOWN’? Sounds dumb. I have officially made my mind up about this” when the show first came out, but now I realize that it’s really good. So, what I’m saying is, don’t listen to old me. Listen to new me. He’s smart. (RELATED: Showrunner Bill Lawrence was on Marc Maron’s podcast, and it was great.)

Glee/New Girl/Raising Hope (FOX) – Winter finale of “Glee.” Some kids have spunk and moxie and overcome adversity by singing pop hits. One or more of them kiss each other or get pregnant. There you go.

The River (ABC) – I haven’t done the Tuesday night listings for the past two weeks, and I already forgot this show existed. That doesn’t reflect too well on me, but it REALLY doesn’t reflect well on “The River.”

Southland (TNT) – I know this show is good and I should be watching it, but there just aren’t enough hours in the week says the same guy who watched a three-hour marathon of “Man v. Food” the other day.

Parenthood (NBC) – Holy crap there’s a lot of good TV on Tuesdays nights. Let’s move some of this to Mondays.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Eric Stonestreet and KATE UPTON REPEAT KATE UPTON on Kimmel; Alec Baldwin on Letterman; Bill Maher on Ferguson; Bill O’Reilly and Rob Riggle on Leno; Tyler Perry and David Wain on Fallon; and Amanda Seyfried on Conan