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The Hills (MTV) — Today Page Six said that Lauren was gonna come back for the next season after all, but then Lauren was all, “No I’m not.”  All right, good story.

House, M.D. (Fox) — House and Cuddy fornicate.  The ladies, they cannot resist hallucinating unshaven cripples.

Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed (My Networks) — America’s TV Sets Finally Turned Off.

New York Goes to Work (VH1) — The girl who was on that one reality show and then that other reality show gets a new reality show.

Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo) — James Lipton lavishes Denis Leary with praise.  Watch some previews here.


Property Virgins (HGTV) — Most common way to lose your property virginity?  Getting raped by a broker.

The Soup Presents (E!) — “TV’s Greatest Smackdowns.”  If you watch “The Soup” regularly, then you’ve already seen all the clips of reality show contestants fighting.  But it comes with new jokes!

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