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“You just sit there and look pretty.”

CSI: NY (CBS) — Danica Patrick guest stars as… a racecar driver! That should really test her range. The episode also features Antonio Sabato Jr. as the racing legend who dies when his car gets tampered with. Somehow that’s not a spoiler for “CSI,” but mention that Hurley eats a cracker in the next episode of “Lost” and you’ll never hear the end of it. “THAT WAS A SYMBOLIC CRACKER, JERK!”

Psych (USA) — In an alternate reality, I might make the time to watch this show, which I hear is surprisingly good. But it’s on USA, which is in my cable blind spot. I can’t even remember to watch “Burn Notice,” and I like “Burn Notice.”

American Idol (Fox) — Ratings were slightly up for last night’s Ellen debut, and the critics are thrilled that she’s not Paula Abdul. Check out this article: “Wow! You’re sober! Great job!”

Friday Night Lights (101 Network/DirecTV) — Season finale. I’m glad I can stop ignoring this show’s existence on DirecTV and start getting ready for it to be on NBC again.

Man vs. Wild (Discovery) — If you thought Bear and the show’s producers were running out of ideas during last week’s urban episode, just wait until this week’s “special look” behind the scenes. Translation: clip show.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central) — Was anyone else thrown off by the move from Thursday to Wednesday? And can we talk about how much Comedy Central’s move to HD F’d up my DVR? I had to cancel all the series on regular definition and re-record them on the HD channel. (Yes, I’ll be sending that one in to White Whine.)

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