What’s on Tonight: DANGER ZONE!

01.27.11 7 years ago 19 Comments

No one wears Fiachi knockoffs quite like Lana Kane

Archer (FX) — Season 2 premiere. For me, watching “Archer” feels like watching “The Simpsons” did in the late ’90s: it’s smart, hilarious, instantly quotable, and lends itself to multiple viewings. Of course, “Archer” is WAY more depraved, which is probably why I like it so much. [In case you missed it: Kirk explained the ten most obscure “Archer” jokes.]

The Office (NBC) — Ricky Gervais will make a cameo. Details, if you want them, are here.

Obscenities My Dad Says (CBS) — Tila Tequila guest stars. So, you know, don’t watch this even more than usual.

Love Calling (Bravo) — Series premiere. I guess it’s a love/sex call-in show of some sort. Hosted by Donny Deutsch. Am I going to be making “deutschbag” jokes the entire time this show is on the air? You can count on it.

Winter X Games (ESPN) — The games are in Aspen this year, and that just seems wrong. Steamboat Springs? Yes. Mammoth? Yes. Whistler? Absolutely. But not Aspen. In my mind, places like Vail and Aspen can only serve as the setting for ’80s ski movies where the villain is a rich jerk with feathered blond hair.

Jersey Shore (MTV) — I’m an episode behind right now, but Season 3 is a huge step up from Season 2. Of course, dying of syphilis is a step up from Season 2. Speaking of which, I assume “dying of syphilis” will be one of the story arcs in Season 4.

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