What’s on Tonight: DINOSAURS!

09.26.11 8 years ago 23 Comments

Terra Nova (Fox) — Series premiere. DINOSAURS! Also, a long-shelved, haphazardly executed story with time travel and lessons about saving the Earth or something? I don’t know, I wasn’t really following the plot. Did I mention there are DINOSAURS?!?!!!

Gossip Girl (CW) — Season premiere. If this reflected real life at all, the super-hot college girls from a private high school on the Upper East Side would be dating lawyers and finance guys a decade older than them.

Hart of Dixie (CW) — Series premiere. Dear Rachel Bilson: I will still love you, even after I watch this show and hate it. That’s what love is, you know.

Mike and Molly (CBS) — Season premiere. Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy for Bridesmaids this show about tubby people finding love, so it MUST be good.

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — Redskins versus Cowboys in the Jerrydome. Follow along at KSK’s live-blog.

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