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Snowflake won the talent competition with her impressions.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (USA) — The exciting conclusion. Who will win Best in Show? I dunno, but the best-looking bitch I saw last night was your mom.

Winter Olympics (NBC) — Men’s figure skating short program. It’s going to be faaaaaabuuuulouuuuuusss. Also: snowboarding, speed skating (women’s 500m), and at least one heart-wrenching tale of an athlete who overcame injury/death in the family/something about the economy.

Lost (ABC) — To those who think I’ve been too critical of the show or its fans: Listen, I’m not trying to lead some grandiose “Lost” backlash with my open letter, I’m just trying to establish a middle ground between being a die-hard fan and not watching the show. If you really think this so-called backlash is louder than the pro-“Lost” contingent, then you need to spend some time on the message boards and Lostpedia. (Genuine potential SPOILER ALERT: Katey Sagal reprises her role as Rose Helen tonight.)

Traveler’s Guide to the Planets (NatGeo) — Um, not to nitpick, but I don’t think the “Traveler’s” part of the show title is really necessary. Your audience is people on their couch who watch science shows instead of the Olympics and “Lost,” not the first manned mission to Neptune.

16 and Pregnant (MTV) — Season 2 premiere. Oh hey, MTV found ten new teenage girls who had irresponsible premarital sex to star in a television show. And yet there’s still no reality show about diligent students who work hard to get into a good college. America, F*CK YEAH!

MINE (PBS) — Super-depressing-looking special on people separated from their dogs because of Hurricane Katrina. Video preview below, more info at Mental Floss.

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