What’s on Tonight: Dogs Eat the Craziest Things

05.04.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

My Dog Ate What (Nat Geo Wild) — Note that this is Nat Geo Wild, not Nat Geo. Yes, National Geographic now has a channel specifically dedicated to animals. Anyway, I think tonight’s episode is about some but no serious danger… it was Deedee’s job to get the ring back for her wedding by searching through many of Luciano’s ‘deposits.'” That could have played out even better. “Honey, will you marry me?” *holds up bag of dog crap*

American Idol/Dancing with the Stars (Fox/ABC) — Pretty much the two most-watched shows on television, and I almost never cover them. My business model is awesome!

Lost (ABC) — S’posed to be a good’un tonight. For all the teasing I give Losties and their obsession with knowing or not knowing spoilers, I myself generally choose not to read up on REAL spoilers for the show, like the six pages from the final episode’s script that turned up line.

Justified (FX) — It was actually nice to see the female commenters ooh and ah over Timothy Olyphant in today’s post about the show’s renewal. I like that Warming Glow can be an forward-thinking forum where open-minded people of any gender or sexual preference can treat sexy stars like the pieces of meat that they are.

Swamp Loggers (Discovery) — There are some phrases I see and I know immediately: that HAS to be an entry in Urban Dictionary.

Sit Down, Shut Up (Comedy Central) — “Hello, Comedy Central? Hey, what’s up? Yeah, I’m just calling to let you know that you don’t have to revive every animated sitcom.”

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